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Future success and employability rate of both university and secondary school graduates is closely linked with the efficiency of applying acquired knowledge to real-life situations. The mission of the Institute for Competencies Development focuses on the thinking, deliberation, and ambitions of current students and graduates.

General and Organizing Partner
For more than 15 years the Czech-us agency has been helping young people gain experience from abroad offering study, work, and language programmes across the world. Czech-us agency offers University studies in the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands. You can find more information about Czech-us on this website.

Main Partner

With over 20 years of experience in providing first-class English programs, ILAC attracts students and professionals from more than 75 different countries. ILAC offers high-quality English classes for all levels and purposes and provides safe and affordable accommodations, exciting trips and activities, and free college and university placement.

Main Partner for the Czech Republic
STABILO belongs among the world leaders in regards to the production and distribution of stationary products, having more than 1 400 employees worldwide. STABILO produces well-liked stationary products, such as highlighters, and drawing and writing utensils, the best-seller among young people being the STABILO BOSS highlighters.

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Jindřich Josífek
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